The Zone

A Near Future Sci-Fi LARP

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Some time yesterday you were brought into the Zone. You arrived in a small disused warehouse on the northern fringes of Manchester at the appointed time with your bags. The bags were immediately confiscated and you were thoroughly searched, and put into a group of 25 individuals. Your bags were returned, a little lighter than they were, and your group of 25 was packed into the back of a van.

Some hours later the van doors opened and you were let out into a small field surrounded by dry stone wall. The driver introduced you all to a woman called Guide and told you to follow her to the hub you would all be working out of. The walk took around 8 hours and Guide ignored almost all questions asked of her. All she would say was that you would be given a full briefing by the Barkeep when the time was right and you would be ready to work soon after.

Upon arrival at the bar, it was something of a disappointment. It was a small building, with a collection of very cramped bunk rooms, some rather crude showers and toilets, and a cramped common room. There was a small TV with a small selection of old dvds, a chess set, a pack of cards and some poker chips. Since your arrival you have sat about, awaiting the arrival of the Barkeep for your orientation.


Dates for the 2024 games have been set and are linked below.

They are all taking place at Giant's Seat in north Manchester.

You can join in the discussions and ask questions on Discord and Facebook

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