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Crafting items and upgrades during downtime requires several things.

  • A usable workspace. Currently, only one workspace exists, the Farm. Most characters will be able to access it after their first event.
  • A suitable blueprint. These can be found as loot or developed as a research project. Once found/developed, they can be used repeatedly by anyone with access to it.
  • The relevant skill.
  • Cash or materials.


A usable workspace requires several components.

  • A power supply. The size and scale required will depend on the space being built. Solar panels and fueled generators are uncommon but not unheard of, and can be scavenged at various places in the Zone.
  • A building to install everything in. Most intact buildings have long since been claimed by the various factions in the Zone. The surviving towns and villages are occupied by the military in the main, but some of the bunkers built by corporate teams can be found abandoned and occasionally a faction will lose the ability to adequately guard a building.
  • Computers. Design work is done almost exclusively using CAD software and any blueprints you loot will be digital.
  • 3D printers.
  • Some kind of workbench or the like appropriate to the skill you wish to use. Some workbenches will work for multiple skills, others are highly specific. The game team will guide you through what you can and can't do with what you find.

All of the above must be scavenged, bought or looted in uptime at an event. The game team will provide opportunities to find what you need, but they will not guarantee success and they will not hand stuff out for free. You will need to complete missions or hand out a lot of cash to get what you need. It may also take multiple events to piece everything together.


These will appear as loot on memory sticks. Once installed on a computer in a workspace they can be used by anyone with access to that workspace. The memory stick with the blueprint(s) must be handed back to a ref and you must tell them where you intend to store the blueprints. You can install them in multiple places.

The other option is to create your own blueprints by researching them


GunsmithingGuns, parts, scopes, automated turrets, base defenses
ArmoursmithingArmour, upgrades and new properties for armour, base defenses
LockpickingSecurity systems, lockboxes
DemolitionsGrenades, bombs, shaped charges, rockets
ChemistrySynthesising compounds, making drugs
MathematicsWriting computer code
SurgeryNot much use to build anything, but vital to install devices in a human subject
CybersurgeryAs per surgery, but specifically for devices wired into the nervous system and brain
ElectronicsAny electronic devices
NanotechnologyVery small devices, anything using nanites as part of the device

A small number of crafting projects may require multiple skills, for example Electronics to build a device and Mathematics for the operating system to run it. These skills could come from multiple characters working together, or from the same character.


The vast majority of crafting recipes have a cost in credits. This is to represent the time and effort required to scrounge up the necessary materials to feed into the printers. These might not be actual credits spent at the Bar, it might be food bought as a favour to other people who found what you need, or the cash you spent to stay alive while out hunting for scrap. How you choose to roleplay out the credit cost is up to you.

A small number of crafting projects may require a very specific part that cannot be duplicated with existing knowledge. In these instances the character can try to create a blueprint for the part, request a mission to acquire said part, or put up a bounty in the Bar for it.

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