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Event 7 Rumours

It has been suggested that certain corporate groups, having suffered significant losses, have made their activities a little too public. The existence of the Zone's clandestine economy is based entirely on deniability and certain events have been noticed on satellite imaging. It is rumoured that a government crackdown is pending, and that several companies have been told to vacate the Zone before they are forcibly removed.

A man called Zephaniah has been travelling the Zone claiming to have found evidence of a divine presence within a ruined structure out in the wilds. He is struggling to put his experience into words, and he doesn't seem to be grifting because he hasn't asked for any money. Rumours suggest a few freelancers have taken him at his word and gone to look for whatever Zephaniah claims to have seen.

A freelancer by the name of Grace has apparently come up with a blueprint for a new form of firearm, something akin to a railgun. She is supposedly looking for someone that can help her construct a prototype as she lacks the high-end facilities for her plans. She has rejected all offers to buy the blueprint.

Event 7 After Action Report

Recent visitors to the only known example of the Fizzy Well anomaly will note that the Creed of the Well appear to have built themselves a chapel of some kind. It looks like they have uprooted the benches and stone altar from an outdoor chapel somewhere, most likely some kind of campsite. No-one has reported them conducting ceremonies of any kind, but it seems a safe bet that they are doing something that requires an altar whenever there are no witnesses.

Several explorers and professional scouts have reported what they claim is a serious radiological event, akin to a small scale reactor leak. Pieces of a device have been sighted at the scene, suggesting a less than stellar clean-up job by whoever caused the accident. The region has been recorded on any publicly available maps in the Bars and the Hidden have suggested they will look to signposting the hazards within. Rumours hint at a secret weapons project investigated by freelancers, but there is no suggestion said freelancers are in any way responsible for the accident or the pisspoor clean-up.

It seems freelancers were hired to do a standard Government sweep in a relatively empty area, suggesting they are planning something for that area. It may well be that they are building a new facility, a relatively common event, but rumours persist that the cleared area is a staging ground for the planned purge of corporate groups that have been asked to leave the Zone. If the military sets up an open presence that represents an extremely serious escalation of the threat level. Freelancers are advised to be cautious of accepting Government work in the near future.

A new anomaly has been discovered, dubbed the Swiss Cheese anomaly. It appears to teleport people between fixed points within the anomaly itself. If it is any way dangerous, those details have not been shared.

A number of relatively high profile assassinations took place against corporate targets. Rumours suggest that the Hidden are responsible for bankrolling the hits, which has led to some questions about how they are funding such activities.

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