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The Manor House

The acquisition of the Ponsonby Estate brings with it new facilities and some new options and bonuses for characters with access to it.

Sleeping Facilities

Ponsonby had hired a significant number of bandits to organise an assault on the Bar. As part of those preparations, several rooms in the Manor were stocked with bunks. Any character with access to the Farm and Manor can now sleep in a real bed every night. This alters the lifestyle costs as follows.

NameDescriptionGame Effect Next EventCostCost if growing/printing food
ScavengerThe character forages for food, sleeps rough, and rarely spends any time indoors.-20 hit points and -1 melee hits0cn/a
InferiorThe character forages for about half their meals, and sleeps rough almost all the time.-10 hit points and -1 melee hit1000c0c
BasicThe character eats canned food or noodles, sleeps rough some of the time, and rents a bed at the bar once or twice a weekNo health penalties1500c0c
SuperiorThe character eats almost exclusively canned food, takes vitamins and rents a bed at the bar almost every night+10 hit points3000c1500c
OpulentThe character eats canned food most of the time, but occasionally manages to get hold of fresh vegetables, takes vitamins and has a permanent bed or room at the bar+20 hit points, +1 melee hit5000c3500c

The Library

Ponsonby maintained a reasonably well-stocked library as one would expect. There are several expensive first editions and a few technical manuals. As a result certain skills will be permanently available to learn from the library. The credit cost for the skills still applies. The available skills are;

  • Engineering
  • First Aid
  • Electronics
  • Surgery

The library also has quite an extensive collection of occult works. If anyone wishes to dig into these and try to learn magic, please contact the ref team.

The Gardens

Currently in a state of significant neglect, the manor was once home to a sizeable ornamental garden. It will need some testing and study first, but the garden can be repurposed to grow other things if needs be.


After the battle to capture the manor, there were a significant number of weapons left behind, along with stockpiles of ammunition. Whilst these weapons cannot be used they do represent a large quantity of weapon parts and spares that can be used for repairs and upgrades. These can be used to offset the cost of any upgrades. The current stockpile amounts to 5000c worth of parts. If you are making upgrades or repairs to weapons this event, please let the ref team know if you are using this stockpile to pay for them.


The house runs on generators which are almost out of fuel. There is extremely limited amounts of solar power available and the battery backups to the solar panels are completely shot. This means cooking can only happen in daylight and the security measures that were in place do not work at night. There are no lights at night, but there is a small stockpile of rather smelly animal fat candles available.

Food & Drink

Bringing in a mercenary army had a somewhat detrimental effect on Ponsonby's wine cellars. The inner circle of the dueling society did manage to secrete a few bottles of brandy from them though. The occult society present has six bottles of an unlabeled pale green liquid which seems to be alcoholic.

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