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Getting shot or stabbed is inevitable. What matters is how you deal with it.

If you are reduced to 0 health via gunfire, or 0 hit points via melee, you will be on the floor dying. No distinction is drawn between the two for healing purposes.

If you are on the floor due to melee damage your gun will still be operational.
You should not use your firearm whilst on 0 hit points

Any character with the first aid skill can treat their own injuries at any point after they are put down. You will need to use a first aid kit and a dose of painkillers to be fully stabilised. At this point a referee will reset your headband or you can do so yourself by switching your gun off and on again using a key. The whole process of healing yourself should take a minimum of 60 seconds.

Treating An Injury

Using the first aid skill requires two consumable components, a first aid kit and painkillers. Each injury takes one use of the kit and one dose of painkillers to treat. If either component is not available the wound cannot be fully treated. Please check the equipment list for details on phys-repping a first aid kit and painkillers.


If you are reduced to 0 health or hit points and cannot treat your own injuries you will be reliant on someone else doing it for you. There are only three ways to die in this game.

Killing The Injured

If an NPC is within 3m or so of you when you are injured they can fire a single round at you and make the call point blank. At this point you should start a death count of 300 seconds. You will be unconscious and incapable of healing yourself with First Aid, you can only be treated by someone else. If you reach 0 on your death count your character has died.

NPCs will only use this call when briefed to do so but if briefed to do so, they will use this call any time they are within range of a PC they can see is healing themselves. They may also make their way towards an injured PC to get in range for this call.

PCs can use the same point blank call on each other or on NPCs at any point. PCs can also use a second call coup de grace. This must be done from right next to the target and can be done with either a firearm or a melee weapon. Coup de grace wounds will be detectable by a surgeon checking the body over later.

Bleeding Out

If you are injured and cannot treat it yourself you will die if no-one helps you. How long this takes is solely at the discretion of the referees. As a general rule if people are actively looking for you you will still be alive when they find you. If they stop looking, or there's no-one left out there to look, you will bleed to death.


Certain hazards and situations could well kill you. When you scan a QR code for the demolitions, hacking or lockpicking skills you may well take damage or even get killed outright. It is also possible for a referee to rule that an environmental hazard has killed you where appropriate. Several anomalies have been written to be deadly if you stay in too long or trigger the wrong conditions.

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