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Wounds & Long-Term Effects

Long-Term Effects

Certain effects within the game might last across multiple events. Where these occur results will be recorded on the character database maintained by the referee team. For example;

  • Some players have contracted an unknown virus. So far this has had no adverse effects, but it remains in play.
  • Some players contracted the phage virus. A cure now exists but until it is administered it remains on file.
  • Some players developed mutations and internal organ damage due to eating lamb kebabs from a dubious source.

Short-Term Effects

Anomalies, certain weapons and environmental effects can cause lingering effects to a character. Where this happens the player will be given a laminated QR code.

  • The code should be keep on you at all times, hidden in a pocket. If another players scans you with a suitable device, check if they have any of the skills listed on your QR code and if they do, pass them the code. Keeping the code out of sight is to prevent meta-gaming.
  • Where an effect has clearly visible signs on the character, suitable make-up will be provided and you will be asked to wear the QR code openly.
  • When the effect is cured, removed or wears off, hand the QR code back to a member of the crew.
  • All such QR codes end at the end of the event they were given out at. Where any effect lingers it will be recorded on the character database as above.
  • The back of the QR code will have any rules or roleplay effects you should observe while under the effect.
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