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Giants Seat Scout Camp

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Event 11 Rumours

Another 8 weeks has gone by, and almost everyone has spent them waiting for the other shoe to drop. There have been no more artillery bombardments, but if the military are willing to use weapons like that who knows what they will move on to next. Security around the inner perimeter has tightened considerably, anyone venturing that far towards the centre has reported that troop numbers have roughly doubled over the last reported levels. The assumption seems to be that the perceived threat level has risen drastically but no-one has any real idea why.

Freelancers with contacts among the factions have reported that some of them have been far harder to contact, or have outright disappeared. Rumour has it that several senior members of each of the factions have died or disappeared and that the rest are battening down the hatches against the perceived enemy. Some have suggested that this is the much-anticipated military response and that rather then open gunfights the military have chosen to quietly remove senior leaders from any organised group. Vague reports of chaos among some larger bandit gangs suggest it isn't just the factions being targeted. Anyone frequenting a bar during this period will notice a subtle increase in security precautions and a lot more obvious guns lying around right where a barkeep could easily reach them.

Wild tales about objects appearing out of thin air have been getting more and more frequent. Most commonly, oil drums have been appearing between 70 and 120cm above the ground before dropping to the floor. There have been one or two unfortunate accidents where the appearance prompted gunfire and some freelancers caught stray rounds.

Rumours are flying around about a potential new disease. A couple of people from the Truthers faction have been spreading the word that a degenerative condition that attacks the internal organs is spread by skin contact. The Truthers have been at great pains to point out that a cure is imminent, and several people have offered to put resources towards such an endeavour. A few others have connected the new disease to the thefts of livers and there have been renewed calls to track down the organ thief and put an end to them. The name Jason has been bandied about more than once.

Event 11 After Action Report

What appears to possibly be a new faction seems to have emerged in the last few weeks. Groups of combatants in grey masks have assaulted groups of Truthers, Awakened and Long Gamers, as well as a group attacking a manor house held by freelancers. Casualties on all sides have been high, but with the Awakened and Long Gamers reporting particularly heavy losses. Bounties are being posted for information on this new group.

Those with military sources are hearing that the powers that be have put out kill orders on any surviving members of MI7. At least one former MI7 agent has been found in the woods minus his head, alongside the corpses of several bandits he had hired as bodyguards. Whilst the military are unlikely to post bounties, it has been suggested that there are favours to be earned by reporting locations of MI7 agents.

Paranoia over a wasting disease that causes organ failure is at something of a peak, but rumours persist that a cure is available, it just isn't clear where from. Getting tested for the disease also seems to be a problem for many, although small groups of Truthers are offering a testing service. Reports of freelancer and bandit groups turning on each other over who may or may not be infected are rare but getting less so.

A second bombing at a bar in the south east has prompted a massive escalation in security. Prices for guard duty at bars have increased considerably and many places are instituting searches on people coming in.

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