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Event 2 Rumours

Rumours and news being spread among the freelancers and faction members prior to Event 2.


Bandit activity is on the rise again and freelancers are being sought to take down the bigger threats. Freelancer action a few weeks ago broke up their camps and stopped them preying on specific paths but larger groups are now carrying out hit and run attacks across the southern reaches of the Zone.

The Churchgoer threat in the south has been more or less ended, but there remain sightings in the north. High rewards are offered for the location of their primary base.

Wild rumours of armed zombies wandering the Zone have reached the Bar. Largely dismissed as the bullshit they most likely are, stories still abound of former freelancers drooling and firing their guns randomly at any moving object.


A bounty of 8,000 credits is offered for the head of Emil Karskoff, a scientist formerly attached to a corporate team. He is believed to have fled his employer, tried to sell data to several factions and stiffed them all on the deal. His present whereabouts are unknown but he lacks the contacts to escape the Zone and has limited experience fending for himself.

A bounty of 48,000 credits is offered for the head of the Churchgoer known as the Archbishop. Believed to be the founder of the faction and the figurehead of their religion.

Trade Opportunities

The High Rollers are offering high prices for samples of the small blue and white pills believed to be a regenerative compound.

A buyer is offering a substantial reward for the return of several bottles of liquid pharmaceutical products. There are three samples, all different substances and different colours. They were stolen by bandits and never recovered. Contact the Barkeep if you have any information.

A reliable source of fresh meat has opened up. There is now a thriving trade in skewers of meat for those sick of noodles. Sellers in your area will be happy to help.


Rumours of at least three new forms of anomaly have been recorded. The race is on to establish whether or not they will yield any usable materials or valuable scientific data. The first freelancers to survive an encounter with them should see significant rewards.


The High Rollers are seeking like-minded free spirits to overthrow the power structures of the Zone and get rich on their own terms. We live better than any other faction in the Zone because we spend what we earn and enjoy what we take.

The Truthers are seeking to expand their ranks with others who wish to understand the how and the why of the Zone rather than just exploit it for wealth. We do not offer an easy life but with luck we do offer a life well lived.

Event 2 After Action Report

Rumours and news being spread among the freelancers and faction members regarding what happened at Event 2.

Klein & Gorsht Cybersolutions

A small but powerful tech firm operating out of Silicon Valley, K&G are primarily working in cybernetics, robotics and quantum computing. It has long been rumoured they were using the Zone to carry out unethical experiments that would attract very negative press at the very least if not criminal prosecutions. It isn't clear why but some form of emergency occurred very late one Saturday night and almost all of their security detail were deployed to the surface on the Sunday morning. Some very intense fighting with freelancers led to them being all but wiped out.

As a result it is rumoured that K&G science personnel are quitting the Zone until such time as more security can be brought in. Several freelancers are already salivating at the thought of all the unattended tech waiting to be found in now abandoned K&G labs…

Zombie Outbreak

The rumours of zombies and the dead rising from their graves have been quashed with the discovery that zombified freelancers were the result of the test firing of a virological weapon. A handful of people who have looked the site over after freelancers went in to investigate on night missions report dozens of bodies, if not hundreds. The main question that seems to have been raised is how so many people happened to be in the blast radius of the weapon when the Zone's population is so small and so spread out.

Regeneration Pills

Rumours of massive detrimental effects to the blue/white and green/white regeneration pills have more or less killed off the very lucrative trade in such things. It is also rumoured that the High Rollers have taken sizeable losses after trying to corner the market in the pills. Insiders suggest that they very carefully hedged their bets though and their losses are nowhere near as severe as is rumoured. No doubt the truth is somewhere in between.

A few freelancers are now mentioning that samples of a grey/white pill, compound #61, have been found. Most people are being far more cautious with these, but there are a great many stories of corporate security people that have demonstrably been able to regenerate wounds during combat so many people are still keen to discover how this is achieved and get in on the action. Trade in the grey/white pills is expected to be equally brisk.

Super Soldiers

Stories are coming out from the Awakened faction about a freelancer testing a super soldier serum found in the Zone. The test subject's body was apparently being re-ordered and altered in front of their very eyes after the three parts of the serum were injected. Quick work by a team of three surgeons saved the test subject's life when the serums went wrong, but lasting damage appears to have been done.

Most people are treating these tales as the obvious bullshit they expect from the Awakened.

Religious Debate

No-one has heard anything from the Churchgoers in the last 3 weeks.

Roger “Deadshot” DuBris, one of the Awakened, has claimed to have met God whilst out patrolling the Zone. He wore the guise of an ordinary freelancer, but when he spoke it was with God's voice, not his own. The consensus is that Deadshot needs to lay off the blue pills.

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