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Event 4 Rumours


A significant amount of data has been gathered regarding the weaponised CJD strain and the associated dispersal device. Freelancers have largely mopped up any remaining zombified people but the threat of a new detonation remains ever present. The various bars have reported a surge in the sale of gas masks, environment suits and other such protections.

The site identified as the main Churchgoer base has now been besieged by the High Rollers, Awakened and the Long Gamers. The Truthers and Hidden have no soldiers there but have reportedly offered significant logistical support and supplies. Fighting has been sporadic, this is mainly a holding action with the factions unwilling to commit fully to an assault and the Churchgoers apparently happy to wait them out. The bounty on the Archbishop remains, but rewards are also offered for information regarding the Churchgoer supply situation.


The bounty on Howard Moon has been raised to 20,000 credits by the High Rollers. Recent intelligence suggests a corporate science team has taken him on board but exactly who or why remains unclear.

The Awakened are still offering credits for information regarding a series of unexplained data transmissions. They have also posted a bounty of 10,000 credits for a freelancer called Bogtroll. The bounty states alive or dead, dead for preference. No reasons have been posted.

The bounty on the Archbishop still stands at 48,000 credits.

A bounty has been raised on a known bandit called Gremlin. 25,000 is offered for his corpse, 35,000 if still alive. He is reported to have maimed and tortured several members of the Long Gamers while robbing them, despite them offering no resistance when initially held up by Gremlin's team. Two of Gremlin's crew have deserted since that act, describing him as unhinged and depraved. It has been suggested they might be willing to give up his probable location for a price.

Trade Opportunities

The lamb business has expanded significantly, to the point where concerns are being expressed that the operation might well be visible to the outside world. If that occurs then a significant Government crackdown can be expected. None of the bars are serving the lamb but it remains a popular product amongst rough-sleeping freelancers who normally need to catch any meat they eat. Opportunities exist for anyone that can find a way to expand the business without increasing the visible footprint.

Rumours abound that a freelancer group has established their own laboratory. Several people are seeking that group out in an effort to get them to work on projects for the direct benefit of freelancers. Significant sums of money have been discussed if ways can be found to make use of anomalous materials found around the Zone within the Zone itself.

Event 4 After Action Report

Rumours and news being spread among the freelancers and faction members.


The presence of aliens within the Zone has been more or less confirmed according to reports from the Awakened. A network of transmitters is being built across the Zone with some of the devices seemingly appearing out of thin air. Those who have attempted to study the devices up close have all disappeared.

Murder Hornets

Stories abound of a new breed of insect referred to as murder hornets. Seemingly they are large bees with an exceptionally deadly sting. About 5 or 6 casualties have been reported, and it is believed they were mutated by an anomaly of some kind.

Power Man

Rumour is spreading that a near-immortal freelancer is wandering the Zone. He has been shot, stabbed and even electrocuted multiple times and has walked away every time, leaving only a trail of swear words in his wake…

The Protean

Another slightly absurd conspiracy theory appears to have been confirmed, with several corroborated sightings of a humanoid figure appearing out of thin air and disappearing some time later. The figure is described as clad entirely in black with a hood and a metallic face. Most witnesses have described the face as an advanced form of armour or mask rather than an actual face.

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