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Event 5 Rumours


Corpses have been turning up all over this part of the Zone, some in isolated areas, some just outside well-used hangouts and gathering places. They all appear to have died of some kind of internal haemorrhage.

The Archbishop has escaped the Churchgoer HQ and is believed to be on the run. His whereabouts and goals are unknown.

There has been another sighting of zombified people, centred on a small freelancer encampment by a stream near the southern edge of the Zone. Some of the zombies have been killed, most people are simply staying away from the area out of fear of infection.

A small number of Zone residents have been rendered blind recently. The prevailing opinion is that badly-made alcohol is responsible.


The bounty on the bandit Gremlin now stands at 40,000 credits

The bounty on the Archbishop now stands at 120,000 credits. It is believed he has escaped the Churchgoer compound via a series of tunnels, but he has done so alone. The Churchgoers themselves have reportedly been wiped out. They opened fire on the faction members besieging them, and a full assault began. The corpses of 17 Churchgoers were found, but no Archbishop. A hidden entrance to a tunnel network was later found.

The bounty on Howard Moon has been claimed.

Trade Opportunities

Word is spreading of a package of pills worth at least a thousand credits a time. There are six pills in a package, two pink, two deep red and two yellow. Word has it there is a client willing to pay tens of thousands for a steady supply of said pills.

The trade in lamb is now rivalled by one in pork. It is currently unknown where the pigs are being bred and butchered, but preliminary tests suggest it is pork and not the long pig it may well have been. Rumours have it the various bars may soon fund a clampdown on the trades for fear that the farming programmes become visible to the outside world.

A man called Cyrus is seeking to sell a package of stolen corporate data. He is only willing to sell to someone willing to do him a favour first and none of the factions seem willing to take him up on his offer.

A former fellow of the Royal College of Medicine is travelling the Zone with a small group of guards, offering a free clinic for all freelancers and faction members.

Event 5 After Action Report

Rumours and news being spread among the freelancers and faction members.

The Undead

Something or someone is re-animating the dead. Corpses have been seen walking around and engaging in combat despite obvious wounds that were clearly fatal. There have also been tales of a necromancer roaming the Zone, seeking an apprentice to carry on his evil trade.

Murder Hornets II

It seems insects are not the only things mutating, with rumours abounding of a giant lizard egg being transported around the Zone under heavy fire. No-one is aware of what lizard produced the egg or whether or not it contains a viable egg. The usual price of around 100c for a dvd has been increased to 500c for an intact copy of Godzilla.

Viral Outbreaks

A second outbreak of the so-called zombie virus was recorded in the south. Mercifully it was contained and all infected individuals were shot and killed by vigilant freelancers before the virus could spread. It is recommended that any further outbreaks are dealt with in a similar way. Tales of a survivor are being dismissed as the obvious bullshit they are.

Freelancer Savagery

A group of freelancers have been reported to have strung people up outside one of the bars and bled them dry as a warning to others. Exactly what the warning is remains unclear but it is believed the local Barkeeps have discouraged the practice somewhat forcefully.

New (old) Anomaly

An instance of the Fists of Ham anomaly, previously only seen in the far north of the Zone, seems to have emerged in the south. Concern is being expressed amongst veteran freelancers that the anomaly maps are now essentially worthless and there is growing evidence that not only are new anomalies emerging but anomalies whose presence is known and well-recorded are now disappearing or moving. It is unknown what is causing this phenomenon, but extra caution is advised.

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