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Event 6 Rumours


It has been rumoured that several corporate security teams have started using enhanced ammunition, notably depleted uranium rounds. It is suggested that this escalation is a result of a steep increase in losses amongst private security personnel. As yet, no-one has confirmed the use of depleted uranium but some corporate definitely seem to pack a greater punch than usual.

Several instances of an anomaly that causes mutations in animals have now been recorded across the Zone. It is suggested that this anomaly is the one responsible for the issues with the tainted lamb trade. Rumours are spreading of a small group of Zone residents experimenting with this anomaly and unwilling human subjects, hoping to upgrade themselves with stable mutations.

There has been a marked increase in the amount of jury-rigged explosive devices found on mission sites across the Zone. It is unknown whether or not this is part of the general escalation in armaments from corporate security, but the amateur nature of some of the devices suggests not. Many freelancers believe someone is now openly trading in bombs, but no-one can report having made a purchase.

A small number of freelancers have reported that food they have secreted in stashes has gone bad extremely rapidly. The consensus is that someone has been selling food in compromised packaging, and the hunt is on for the perpetrator. Expect bounties to be posted soon.


The bounty on the Archbishop now stands at 150,000c. It is believed he is the only Churchgoer remaining.

The bounty on Gremlin now stands at 50,000c. Some people believe Gremlin was killed attempting to make his own way out of the Zone, others insist he is still alive and in hiding. There is a brisk trade in information regarding his whereabouts.

A bounty of 30,000c has been posted for Dr. Eli Fitzpatrick, a bioengineer for the Howgen Matlock Corporation. It is believed he has fled his employer and the bounty was posted by them.

A crudely drawn bounty poster was put up offering 25,000c for someone's head, but it is unclear exactly who the bounty is for. Bar personnel have confirmed the 25,000c was lodged with them and is being held pending a claim, but that they have no conditions under which to pay out. They have as yet been unable to contact the individual posting the bounty.

Trade Opportunities

There has been a sharp increase in the amount of courier work available, with significantly larger sums than normal being offered to transport goods and data across the riskier parts of the Zone.

The various trades in fresh meat are starting to collapse as the side effects are becoming better known. Threats have been made towards those selling the lamb but as yet no-one has carried out any acts of violence. Several factions are debating whether or not to post a bounty, and the High Rollers have ejected the lamb sellers from the faction, removing any serious protection they had.

A man called Gregor has been trying to sell a package of data at at least five different bars. His asking price is exorbitant, but he is very hazy on the details of what he has. As a result no-one has been willing to gamble on the data.

A freelancer called Markov has offered a significant bounty for what can only be described as rubbish. He is offering 2000c each for the following list of items.

  • An intact Pepsi can (any variant of Pepsi)
  • An intact Chicken McNuggets box
  • An intact Irn Bru can (again, any variant)
  • An intact KFC bucket

Rumours abound that an actual antiquity has been located in the Zone. Wisdom has it that anything of value was taken when the Lake District was abandoned, but a tiny amount of wealth remained, although this was long since looted and sold off. However, a small group of freelancers have apparently located an artwork believed to be worth somewhere in the region of £6-8 million. How anyone arrived at this figure is anybody's guess.

Event 6 After Action Report

Rumours and news being spread among the freelancers and faction members.

Bar Bombed!! Some kind of low-yield incendiary device was detonated in the Bar on Friday night by persons unknown. The windows were blown out and several people were injured, but the quick actions of freelancers outside the building prevented any deaths.

A small recording device was later found taped to the door and contained a threat from someone called Elias, threatening more bombings unless the exploitation of the Zone stopped.

The Creed of the Well

A strange cult has emerged, fixated on defending a well that doesn't appear to exist. When investigated the “well” contained no obvious water source. The area claimed to be a well appears to be an anomaly that interferes with electrical charges somehow. Investigations are ongoing.

RIP Red Square

The much beloved drinking establishment, the Red Square, has been closed down after the proprietors met with an unfortunate end in combat against corporate security forces. A funeral was carried out for Alexander and Sergei and at least fifty freelancers got quite alarmingly drunk in their honour. As a further mark of respect to the quality of their work, only three went blind.


After the business with the murder hornets and further missions recently to harvest insectkind for the good of science, speculation is growing that several corporations are locked in an arms race over how to best weaponise the harmful abilities of the local bugs. The Awakened are preparing draft papers and starting to send out teams and hire freelancers. The mystery will soon be solved.


Once again, the record for fastest collection on a bounty has been smashed by a plucky freelancer, with a bounty on MP3 files being collected in under 45 minutes, besting the previous record for the death of the Vanishing Man by about 5 minutes.

Data Conduits

Freelancers have been warned that the rumoured data conduit out of the Zone run by a band of freelancers turned out to be a scam. Upon arriving with data to transmit, potential clients would find themselves robbed blind by the gang. It is suggested that honest freelancers should continue to use the Bars for all their data needs to avoid robbery at gunpoint.

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