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The Financial System

Illegal access to and from the Zone is controlled by smuggling gangs. Currently, 6 different gangs control access to the region and an uneasy peace exists between them. Their business model is fairly simple. They smuggle freelancers into the Zone and broker the available mercenary work. Once the freelancer has earned enough the gang takes a percentage of their account with that gang to pay to smuggle them back out.

To facilitate this the gangs operate their own digital currency, known as credits. Each freelancer has a digital wallet operated by the gang that smuggled them in. Any money earned is paid directly into that wallet. It is possible to get work with a different gang, but that will require opening a second wallet with that gang. Transferring funds held in one wallet to another is possible, but usually an expensive business with one or both gangs taking a cut.

Each gang only smuggles in the individual. Aside from a few personal trinkets and the like, freelancers are not allowed to bring anything with them. Upon arrival the gangs will loan them money to buy equipment to get started, thus ensuring at least short-term loyalty from those they smuggle in.

Those who betray or annoy the gangs face a very simple penalty, the gang simply closes their account and confiscates their funds. Anyone with even vague plans to leave the Zone some day makes sure to stay on the right side of the gang that brought them in.

Credits have no financial value outside the Zone, each gang pays out in the world currency of choice once a freelancer leaves.

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