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Blueprints can be installed on multiple sets of printers in different workspaces. Players will need to keep records of what blueprints they have installed in any workspaces they have access to. The current shared workspace will have records kept on this site. The link to that list is on the Discord site, and will be publicly listed when the players who built the workspace have okayed that.

Workspaces will need to be tailored to the work they are intended for, and equipment will need to be found in uptime to build it in downtime. Some items are common to all workspaces, some are unique to the specific type of crafting going on.

  • Power. This could be solar or generators running on fuel. This is a requirement for all workspaces.
  • Security. Your workspace will need locks so that other freelancers can't rob you while you're at an event.
  • Living space. A bed for one or more people and a cooking area.
  • Surgical bay.
  • Science lab. Each lab covers one scientific discipline.
  • Crafting space. This includes 3D printers, the computers to run them, and a space suitable to assemble the finished products. One crafting space will cover all the different types of crafting.

Other options may well present themselves as players discover new technologies within the Zone.

PCs who wish to construct a workspace will need to speak to a ref, who will then provide them with opportunities to find what they need in the field. These will most likely be in the form of favours or missions for NPCs where the item you want is the pay. If you take anyone else on the mission you may need to pay them out of your own pocket.

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