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You must pay to keep your character alive between events. You must pay lifestyle costs after every event you attend. If you miss an event you do not need to pay, it is assumed that you spend the downtime after an event you missed working and scavenging to keep yourself alive, and make enough money to maintain the Basic lifestyle.

Characters with the Survivalist and/or Trapper skills can reduce or eliminate the health penalties from the Scavenger and Inferior lifestyles, regardless of which table they are working from. See the relevant skill descriptions for details.

Standard Lifestyle Choices

Any characters that cannot access the facilities at the Farm and Manor House must choose from these options below. If you do not know what is being referred to by the Farm and Manor House then you cannot access them.

Characters with access to the Manor House may still choose one of these options if they have decided to stay away for some reason, or if their chosen downtime activities require them to be outdoors or away from home most of the time.\\

LifestyleDescriptionGame Effect Next EventCost
ScavengerThe character forages for their food, scavenges saleable loot to buy noodles, and sleeps rough every night, either in a rough campsite or a ruined building-20 Health -1 melee hit0c
InferiorThe character forages for about half their meals and sleeps rough almost all of the time-10 health -1 melee hit1000c
BasicThe character eats mostly canned food or noodles, sleeps rough about half the time and rents a bed in the Bar the rest of the time.No health penalties3000c
Superiorthe character eats almost exclusively canned food, including vegetables and sleeps at the Bar almost every night+10 health5000c
OpulentThe character eats only the best canned and packaged food, buys fresh vegetables from time to time and takes vitamins. They have a permanent bed at the Bar.+20 health +1 melee hit

The Manor House

One of the biggest issues with maintaining good health in the Zone is sleeping well. If your character can access the Manor House then they have access to a halfway decent bed every night. This can make a substantial difference and gives the lifestyle choices below.

NameDescriptionGame Effect Next EventCostCost if growing/printing food
ScavengerThe character forages for their food and scavenges saleable loot to buy noodles or other hot food. They probably spend a lot of time outdoors.-10 health -1 melee hit0cn/a
InferiorThe character forages for about half their meals, and eats Bar-bought food the rest of the time. They spend a decent amount of time indoors.-5 health1000cn/a
BasicThe character eats canned food or noodles, and has either secured a decent supply of canned food and vitamins or is producing food at the Farm.No health penalties1500c0c
SuperiorThe character is only buying the best food, or is taking the time to cook proper meals with the food they have produced at the Farm.+10 health3000c1500c
OpulentThe character has one of the better beds at the Manor and is taking great care to eat a balanced diet, supplementing it with vitamins when they can.+20 health +1 melee hit5000c3500c
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