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Equipment - Weapons

The prices given here apply to starting characters. Once you have begun play you will need to speak to the relevant NPC during uptime or a referee during downtime as the prices will fluctuate depending on your reputation.

Characters with the gunsmithing skill and a suitable toolkit can upgrade any light weapon to its heavy equivalent at a cost of 1.5 times the difference between the two prices in either cash or weapons parts.

Weapons are coded to their new owner at the time of purchase. Only the smuggling gangs have the means to alter such codes. This means you cannot use a gun that isn't yours, loan out a gun or sell one to anyone other than a trader at a hub.

NameCostBase Damage
Light pistol500c10
Heavy pistol800c15
Light SMG700c10
Heavy SMG1000c15
Light assault rifle1800c15
Heavy assault rifle2500c20
Light shotgun*2000c30
Heavy shotgun*2600c40
Light DMR2200c25
Heavy DMR2800c30
Light sniper rifle2500c30
Heavy sniper rifle3000c40
Knife100c1 hit point
Other meleeSee a referee1 hit point

All firearms are phys-repped with lasertag kit and are provided as part of your ticket. If you own your own please check it is compatible with system kit before bringing it.

*Shotgun phys-reps are very limited. Please speak to a ref before buying one.

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