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Finding Work

The players have all been smuggled into the Zone by the same gang and brought to the Bar. This bar acts as the hub for all trade and activity in the immediate area around it. The bar is run by the Barkeeps and is open 24/7. They act as brokers for trade, bankers for everyone's credits and employment agencies for anyone needing freelancers to complete tasks. They will also arrange contracts to be taken out on individuals, act as an escrow service, and provide a home for people offering technical or medical services to ply their trade from.

For reasons best known to themselves all the Barkeeps wear hats


All mission briefings will be posted up on a noticeboard for all to see. On a table near those briefings will be several slips of paper, one per available mission. To join a mission simply add your name to the relevant slip of paper. Most missions are capped at around 7 or 8 participants. Where a client can afford more people, the mission briefing will say so.

It is recommended that you chat with your fellow freelancers before signing up for missions. You may have skills required elsewhere, or perhaps your particular niche is filled. We expect a certain amount of negotiation and horse-trading as to who goes where. Certain clients may well refuse to take specific freelancers along on a mission, usually due to a poor reputation with that client.

Contracts & Bounties

All contracts will be openly posted and will be live until rescinded or completed. Some may only be completed at specific times, e.g. the NPC being targeted will appear on a specific mission, some may be possible throughout the event e.g. a contract on another player. Some contracts will be run as missions when the targeted NPC is known to have broken cover.

With all contracts the money is paid out to whoever is first to complete the contract to the satisfaction of the Barkeeps, based on criteria provided by the client. In rare cases, the Barkeeps may well consult with the client before paying out. A body part is usually considered sufficient proof of death for assassination contracts. If several freelancers wish to split the money, whoever provides the proof just needs to supply the names of the other freelancers involved.

Freelancers can also post their own contracts at any time. The Bar will charge between 10 and 20% of the posted bounty as their fee, payable at the time the bounty is posted and non-refundable. The bounty will also be taken out of the freelancer's account. If the freelancer rescinds the contract the bounty will be refunded but the Bar's fee will not. Those posting bounties are reminded to be very careful with their wording. One recent bounty posted was for three albums of MP3 files. The bounty was collected by a freelancer who simply ripped 3 of the cds sitting in the Bar on the PC in the corner and copied them onto a memory stick. It met the terms of the bounty and the Bar paid out, because the posted bounty did not make it clear they were after music not already freely available.

Side Missions

The Bar is home to several information brokers, who frequently move between bars plying their trade. They will often pay for data found on missions, or offer up payment to go and find specific information whilst out on other missions. Other NPCs may also offer bounties on specific items found out in the Zone. Some NPCs may drop loot, others may drop the GPS coordinates of their loot stash so you need to go and hunt for it later.

Each event will have a maximum number of missions you can do. You will be told this limit at the start of the event, because it changes due to crew numbers and other factors. Side missions, encounters at the Bar and bounties do not count to this limit. Only missions posted on the noticeboard with a clear briefing count.

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